Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Scattered Attention

I feel as though my focus is really spread rather thin at the moment. In a way, when is it not? But it's particularly acute just now.

I'm getting married later this week - look out for a post on 'how to plan a feminist wedding' - and simultaneously trying to organise and arrange and meddle, and trying to distract myself from the whole venture. I'm looking forward to the being married part, but all the racing around collecting kilts and getting eyebrow waxes and stuff is stressful.

I've been watching various shows - The Good Wife is on netflix, and very enjoyable. It makes great background for knitting and I really enjoy some of the performances a lot. I remember watching some of it when it was new, but now I'm onto stuff I haven't seen before, and finding the combination of moral dilemma, legal procedural and political drama works nicely. It's also a show where the women are whip smart and as brutal and vicious as the men, which I like rather a lot. I'm also still watching Speechless, and Mr Handmade and I are working our way through Luke Cage slowly. It's very topical and racially charged in a challenging way, and I find it refreshing that there are so few white folks in it. While watching the pilot, though, Mr Handmade and I looked at each other and said, 'I hope this is run/written by a majority black team,' because there are some things that a community can say about itself but which would be deeply uncomfortable if said by a privileged group. 'Everyone has a gun, no one has a father,' for example. Ouch.

When alone with my flatmate, we're watching Killjoys, a wonderfully silly show about space bounty hunters. I found a list of sci fi shows by searching for something like 'proper sci fi tv show with spaceships', and we've been watching some of those shows. Mr Handmade and I both grew up on Star Trek: TNG and Voyager, and both love shows like Farscape, Battlestar Galactica and The Expanse. We like our sci fi in space, thank you very much, and preferably with guns. Odd, since I'm definitely a pacifist.

I'm trying to run down the number of knitting WIPs I have going on, because it is just too many for me. I'm constantly looking for needles that are in other projects, or searching for a project bag when all of mine are full. A friend of mine only has 3 things on the go at any one time, which I think is brilliant. I'm going to try to emulate her a bit, and get some of the big stuff from my list done. Like, there's a cardigan I've been working on for over 2 years - I first posted about it in August of 2014. It's up to the arm holes and split for the back and fronts, and stalled. I want to get it done so I can wear it! And the Josephine shawl which I've been doing for almost as long - over a year, at least. I bought the yarn over 2 years ago, though I don't think I started it instantly.

I've got some of the smaller projects done and off my list. My second pair of Byatt socks are done - I like the pattern even more in variegated yarn than in the solid I used for my first pair. It's based on a shawl pattern, but I like it as socks, too. Just trying to convince myself that I'll be happier with more discipline, actually finishing and using things, rather than jumping in to the ooh, shinies.

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