Sunday, 22 December 2013

Flash Fiction: Rice

Rather than something handmade or feministy, how about a piece of flash fiction? This is inspired by Drops, by Etgar Keret.


My girlfriend gave me this leaflet the other day. It's about this company in Texas who have found a way to stop you feeling so sad when grieving. It's just a little implant, the size of a grain of rice apparently, and they can fit it within ten minutes. You're out again in an hour and then you're just able to cope a bit better. People have been having it fitted before funerals, specially when family members die. It's not creepy or anything, it just keeps you functional.

Sports coaches are getting it fitted when they lose big matches, and people who are losing their jobs are using their redundancy pay to get it. It just keeps you going. Amazing that something the size of a grain of rice can do that. They put it in your neck and apparently you can hardly feel it once it's in place. Of course we've all seen the horror stories online where people end up with necks the size and colour of watermelons, but that's probably very rare.

They say it's practically painless. It hurts worse to get your nose pierced apparently.

My girlfriend's seeing someone else now. Her name's Isabel and apparently they're very happy. That's fine. I seem to be coping okay.

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